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We’re driven by your educational philosophy

InterActive partners with colleges and universities to deliver outstanding educational outcomes. From the creation of new e-learning or blended programmes, to taking an existing campus offering online, our services allow you to scale your brand on a global basis.


What we do

‘’InterActive is highly efficient when it comes to marketing online programmes, as well as in the recruitment of online students. These strengths have a truly global reach, which has brought UniNettuno a renewed international resonance’’

Nicola Pavaratti, Director of International Affairs, Marketing, and Communication, International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

‘’InterActive provided LAT with a huge amount of support, which made it possible to get our first‐ever online programmes up and running in a much shorter time than we could have anticipated’’

Natasha Page, Commercial Director, London Academy of Trading

‘’Partnering with InterActive is a highly collaborative endeavour and they have a great deal of experience, therefore the creation of new online content has been a very fluid process’’

Mark Hatton, Administrative Director, Geneva Business School


Programme Design & Digitisation


Professionally crafted delivery is the hallmark of a successful online programme.

  • Last year our production team shot more than one terabyte of HD video content
  • InterActive students viewed more than 3 million hours of online lectures in 2014
  • We created 827 new online courses across 46 programmes last year alone



Marketing & Student Recruitment

Your message
is unique.

We uphold the integrity of your brand, while maximising your global visibility.

  • We’ve enrolled more than 15,000 students from 191 countries
  • Each year we generate 140,000 leads from over 9 million online interactions
  • We have offices in 4 continents and our 121 employees speak 47 languages between them



Programme Delivery


Through years of experience, we understand how students want to learn online.

  • We logged more than 70,000 interactions between students and our support services in 2014 alone
  • 758 hours of live instruction was streamed to students last year
  • We’ve helped 14 partners go online, with 46 programmes currently running



360° Online Programme Management

Focus on your strengths.

Our complete programme management service gives you the freedom to do what you do best - provide outstanding academic instruction.

  • To date we’ve invested over 15 million pounds in 14 partner institutions
  • We spend up to 1.5 million pounds in the first year of a new online programme
  • 335 students graduated from our MBA, master’s and bachelor’s programmes last year