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360° online programme management

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Our 360° online programme management service provides world-class digital content creation, global marketing and recruitment, dynamic programme delivery, and dedicated support. We’ll bring on board everything you need to successfully drive student recruitment, retention, and graduation rates online.

Build the e-learning infrastructure you need to achieve your commercial aims in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Programme Design & Digitisation

Course Content Creation

A well‐formulated strategy forms the foundation of every successful academic programme, and InterActive’s long experience in the production and delivery of online content means that you can harness our expertise to attract your desired student cohort. Based upon robust market analysis, we design a comprehensive blueprint which takes into account the ultimate objectives of your online offering with regards to both programme outcomes and your wider organisational goals. Working with us, you’ll achieve increased competitiveness and differentiation, essential in today’s overcrowded online education arena.

Programme Design & Digitisation

Programme Design

Following an analysis of your programme’s required specifications, such as qualification level, target audience, overall academic objectives, and institutional success factors, our team will develop a detailed product brief outlining the required programme learning outcomes. We then identify and put in place robust instructional design solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to online delivery.

Once an online syllabus design is in place, we‘ll take care of every aspect of its successful implementation. Starting with an agreed programme creation timetable, our content production team delivers the academic materials required to bring your programme to life through a full range of engaging digital media.

Our in‐house film studios are fully equipped with state of the art video production facilities, resulting in a final product that exudes not only academic rigour, but also a highly professional level of online presentation. From start to finish, we’ll take care of every aspect of the digitisation process, transforming your initial concept into a fully deliverable online academic programme.

Programme Design & Digitisation

LMS Assembly

A successful learning management system needs to facilitate the learning process from a number of different perspectives, while catering to the different learning styles preferred by various individuals. Whether that process takes place on a smartphone, PC, or tablet, the online platform is ultimately the bridge between educator and student. Our technical team will build, administer, and manage your online learning management system to provide a digital platform through which both students and faculty can interact via a virtual learning environment that is customised to their needs. If required, we can construct your online platform from scratch, or alternatively we can work within your existing learning management system and bring our experience on board to ensure an enhanced student learning experience.

Marketing & Recruitment

Market Research

Our marketing experts perform a complete market analysis of your potential student audience, while also screening new windows of opportunity to create a custom marketing plan that is designed to meet and exceed your central performance objectives.

Furthermore, we build customised branding strategies focused on attracting high quality students, using marketing models that highlight the unique benefits offered by your institution and its online offering.

Marketing through a variety of online and offline channels, we build upon historically successful online marketing strategies while keeping a close eye on new education sector trends. We then leverage this industry knowledge to deliver targeted and engaging marketing communications to a global audience. In addition, our dedicated business intelligence unit conducts comprehensive analyses to recommend marketplace USPs, suitable price points, and strategies for ensuring that profitability and academic quality develop in synthesis.

Marketing & Recruitment

Marketing Communications

Detailed marketing analytics allow us to identify the best‐performing channels and maximise their reach to bring you high quality students, no matter their global location. Focused on the specific requirements of each programme, we regularly update and revise campaign strategies and approaches in order to reflect shifting demographic trends and to reinforce marketplace competitiveness.

Our comprehensive distribution of marketing collateral includes the custom creation of branded websites and microsites, landing pages, email campaigns, and social media engagement tools, all of which serve to drive recruitment while maintaining academic and institutional integrity. We also run intelligent remarketing campaigns designed to amplify your online visibility and keep prospective students engaged with your brand.

All of these processes combine to ensure that your future students have access to the online programmes that best meet their professional and educational goals.

Marketing & Recruitment

Demand Generation

Our marketing team use a full range of proven methods to attract qualified and driven students to your programmes. Search engine optimisation, targeted email marketing, global affiliate marketing channels, and tailor made PR campaigns are all put to work to raise awareness of your brand and generate an optimum lead flow.

As a first step to increasing marketplace interest, we implement an integrated digital marketing strategy and monitor its performance metrics over a set time period. Based on these in‐depth data and analytics, we then design a comprehensive and unique marketing plan for each programme. We believe that to generate quality leads it is vital to build relationships with prospective students well before they elect to enrol on a course of study. Therefore, our student engagement model encourages an open dialogue which fosters trust and ongoing communication, ultimately increasing overall student retention ratios while working towards the realisation of your organisational goals.

Marketing & Recruitment

Student Recruitment

Attracting the right students to your newly developed online programmes can be a huge challenge, requiring a great deal of time‐intensive input from a team of recruitment specialists with an in‐depth knowledge of your programme specifications, as well as your online learning model. The most successful recruitment efforts come as a result of significant input from a number of departments, including the upkeep of a detailed database of current and prospective leads. Ultimately, the conversion process relies on a team of individuals with a great deal of experience across a number of disciplines.

As the first point of contact with potential learners, our student recruitment team perform a range of specialised services including answering specific questions and queries about the programme, supplying information about your institution, determining if a prospective student meets your admissions criteria, and providing assistance throughout the application, registration, and payment processes.

To bring you qualified and motivated students, we dedicate time and research to pinpointing what makes your institution unique. This information is used to develop tailor‐made marketing and recruitment operations that align with your overall institutional values and organisational aims.

Programme Delivery

Faculty Management

We can work with your existing faculty or undertake faculty management on your behalf. This includes faculty recruitment, contract management, support, and administration. Where necessary, all of InterActive’s academics receive a full induction to your institution’s educational framework and philosophy, ensuring the highest standards of programme delivery. This is complemented by continuous faculty development through ongoing training initiatives and regular peer‐reviews of instruction and assessment procedures.

Programme Delivery


Our admissions team works closely with NARIC, the UK’s designated agency for the comparison and endorsement of international qualifications and skills held by domestic and overseas students. Each step in the admission process is aimed at identifying those students whose academic and personal profile matches your educational model. We obtain detailed information from each applicant, enabling us to properly assess both their suitability and academic preparedness.

Once applications have been submitted, students are evaluated for eligibility according to a pre‐set list of entry criteria defined by the programme parameters and your institutional requirements. The admissions department then collates and processes the student‘s required documentation, after which successful applicants receive notification of the admissions team’s decision prior to their official induction to the online platform.

We recognise that individuals arrive at the decision to advance their education via a wide range of life‐pathways, therefore non‐standard applications are given due consideration where we find evidence of a genuine commitment to study.

Programme Delivery

Student Administration

Our student support and administration staff are on hand to provide guidance and facilitate each stage of the student journey. From initial on‐boarding, which includes recruitment, registration, enrolment and induction, to fees management and the provision of certificate or transcript confirmations, we provide student administration and support as a comprehensive package that ensures a seamless online service and enhanced learning experience.

Programme Delivery

Student Technical Support

Effective e‐learning rests upon the double‐pivot of engaging academic delivery and dedicated technical support. At InterActive, uninterrupted access to a fully functioning virtual learning environment is maintained by technicians who understand what is required to provide the optimum student experience. Delivered as a package including advanced learning management system support and software maintenance, our technical support services are here to enhance the user experience of each student and faculty member, helping them to remain fully engaged in the learning process without any unnecessary diversions.

Programme Delivery

Retention Supervision

High rates of student retention are a measure of the success of an online programme. We perform in‐depth monitoring of each student‘s progress throughout their studies, and provide ongoing encouragement, guidance, and support. Students who are performing below the expected academic standard are offered increased levels of contact and guidance to help get them back on track.

A wide variety of influences affect student retention. We undertake exhaustive analyses aimed at guaranteeing a comprehensive and consolidated approach to retention supervision. The pastoral care provided by our Student Support team lies at the heart of this service, and ensures that we continually offer a positive and student‐focused environment in which learners can further their academic progression.

As a part of our retention framework, comprehensive data collection and analytics allows us to connect learning infrastructure, institutional goals, and student progression to design a more responsive learning pathway for all students.

This includes the collection, analysis, and publishing of progression data, coupled with administration, analysis, and publishing of student evaluations to identify any areas which need to be addressed. Where necessary, we initiate re‐engagement campaigns to give inactive students renewed encouragement.

Programme Delivery

Exams and Assessments

As well as a measure of student achievement, our online examination and assessment services provide in‐depth analytics to encourage improved academic performance year‐on‐year.

Rigorous assessment provides final confirmation that students have met the required learning objectives set out in the design of their programme. InterActive’s in‐house exams and assessments team create and manage online assessments across a range of programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, designing comprehensive coursework assignments focused on maximising graduation ratios. Our team also takes care of administration, marking, and reporting procedures, as well as fulfilling internal and external verification processes, including liaising with the relevant UK examination boards.

Programme Delivery

Quality Assurance

InterActive‘s quality assurance framework has been designed to uphold the highest standards of business integrity and academic rigour. Built up from years of accumulated experience, our QA processes are as responsive to external indicators as they are internally driven.

Throughout the stages of programme design and digitisation all content is screened and assessed through multiple stages of evaluation in an interdisciplinary process involving e‐learning specialists, copywriting and editorial departments, programme leaders, the head of content development, and the director of student and academic affairs.

We also conduct frequent student surveys and produce detailed performance analytics, while closely supervising inbound student retention data. This allows us to evaluate the efficacy of the online programme, and put into effect action plans and reinforced OPM strategies where required. These analyses are also used to produce research and reports for external regulatory bodies, including an Annual Partnership Report.

Programme Delivery

Employability Services

Our online Careers and Employability Centre features a range of professional development resources, including a job‐search tool which lets users browse and discover thousands of employment opportunities across the globe. Students and alumni can also gain access to specialised career advice from over 250 contributing recruitment managers from leading employers such as Barclays Capital, Reed Elsevier, Nokia, London Stock Exchange, Ernst & Young, and experts from many more household names throughout the world of business.

The Careers and Employability Centre is regularly updated with interviews from leading HR and line managers, audio podcasts tackling some of the trickier aspects of job hunting, as well as weekly blogs and news articles outlining the latest developments and trends in the world of global business and recruitment.

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