Is e-learning coming out of the shadows?

10:51 | May 2017

InterActive’s Executive Director, Jeremy C Bradley, Ph.D., was recently published in Education Investor magazine. As a renowned academic with many years’ experience working at the cutting edge of developments in e-learning, Mr Bradley shared his thoughts on how universities can create a sustainable model for online learning, and how academic institutions and students alike can benefit from a new approach to course content creation. Read more

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Laying the Foundations of Quality in Online Education

12:32 | May 2017

The last time the tools of education underwent a shift in paradigm as significant as constituted by online education, it was that daring move to chalk and slate. As such, the notion of higher education online is generally met with a degree of reactionary scepticism. So, when e-learning providers find themselves competing against their early detractors, there is really only one way to stem the flow of anticipatory cynicism – be the best, nothing less. And that’s the challenge. Online education p...

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How e-learning with InterActive really works

08:12 | Apr 2017

For those who have never taken online courses, considering distance learning online can pose more than a few important questions. Luckily, demystifying how online learning with IA works is as straightforward as…well, studying online.   So, how does it work? Here is a step-by-step guide to online study with IA. “How do I apply for a programme?” Applying for any of our degree, certificate or diploma programmes is as easy as visiting our website and clicking “Apply Now” on the course page of y...

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Time for education to go green

15:13 | Jul 2016

This month, InterActive's director of academic and student affairs, Jeremy C Bradley, appeared on to share his thoughts on the emergence of environmentally focused initiatives across higher education. To read the full article, please visit Mr Bradley's page on the website

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Migration from Moodle to the Canvas LMS - a case study

14:38 | May 2016

Having run its full portfolio of e-learning programmes from within the Moodle learning management system since 2008, in 2015 InterActive chose to trial the delivery of a number of online courses using the Canvas platform. The hope was that this successful test-phase would allow the organisation to roll out a significantly upgraded user experience, while eradicating issues of reliability and stability which had been noted by faculty members as a result of recent Moodle updates. InterActive also...

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Safeguarding the security of online education

11:39 | Apr 2016

InterActive's Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Jeremy C Bradley, discusses ways to make sure that the e-learning environment is a safe and secure platform for students and faculty alike. Security and privacy issues are some of the main concerns that universities and organisations have when entering the online learning space. How can we be reassured that the users accessing the online system are actually the students that signed up for the course? Is it sensible to administer assessment...

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UOnline - How we learn

18:59 | Jan 2016

Read about the core learning principles behind InterActive's content creation philosophy. InterActive’s approach to content production focuses on the creation of short and intensive learning segments, creating a robust and easily scalable solution to link a range of learning segments together for the purpose of creating a coherent syllabus structure for a variety of subjects. Each content segment pertains to a key topic, which is addressed via a short video tutorial of up to three minutes in l...

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E-learning: a force for democratisation and social change?

16:19 | Dec 2015

Jeremy C Bradley, InterActive's director of academic and student affairs, shares his thoughts on the role online education has to play in the democratisation of learning.  As an e-learning professional I have been lucky enough to work with a number of inspired individuals over the last decade, from technical specialists and dedicated online lecturers, to successful graduates from all corners of the globe. A growing belief shared by many of us is that a significant number of the 21st century’s l...

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