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The University of Law and De Broc School of Business partner with InterActive

13:55 | Apr 2016

InterActive is delighted to announce that we now partner with The University of Law and its pioneering new business school, De Broc School of Business, in the online delivery of a portfolio of postgraduate degrees in law, business operations, finance, hospitality, and marketing.

The University of Law is the UK’s longest-established specialist provider of legal education, with a history stretching back to 1876 and the formation of leading tutorial firm Gibson & Weldon. With this rich heritage and a reputation for innovation in legal education, the University is committed to developing the very best law graduates from within a realistic and professional context.

InterActive will work with The University of Law to deliver two online Master of Laws (LLM) programmes from July 2016:

LLM in Legal Practice (Conflict Resolution)
LLM in Legal Practice (Intellectual Property)

De Broc School of Business was launched by The University of Law in 2015. The School’s mission is to deliver the same high quality training for business professionals as The University of Law provides for those studying towards legal qualifications. Sharing the University of Law’s focus on vocational learning and employability, De Broc graduates receive outstanding levels of tutorship and support from a faculty of experienced business professionals.

We will be supporting support De Broc School in the online delivery of the following MSc programmes from September 2016:

MSc in Corporate Financial Management
MSc in International Human Resource Management
MSc in International Marketing
MSc in Strategic Business Management

Speaking about this new partnership initiative, InterActive COO Vitaly Klopot, said:

‘Partnering with The University of Law and De Broc School of Business will enable all parties involved to bring world class legal and business education to a new audience of students and professionals worldwide. I am thrilled at the possibilities which this partnership opens up, and look forward to watching our next generation of graduates take advantage of the innovations that InterActive and our partners are making in the provision of online learning.’

Jeremy Bradley, InterActive’s director of academic and student affairs, added:

‘To work in partnership with one of the UK’s most respected providers of legal and business education adds a new dimension to InterActive’s online portfolio. This joint cooperation is the culmination of many months of hard work and dedication from The University of Law, De Broc School of Business, and InterActive employees, and I am sure that as we move into the delivery phase of these new online postgraduate programmes, our students will receive a learning experience that demonstrates the commitment that has gone into bringing their courses to life.’