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InterActive COO, Vitaly Klopot, discusses the latest eco-trends in higher education

07:57 | May 2016

This month, InterActive COO Vitaly Klopot was featured on, discussing some of the latest green trends emerging in the higher education sector. 

Remarking on the role that e-learning has to play in increased environmental awareness across contemporary academia, Mr Klopot said:

''With academic programmes now offering e-learning experiences to match their on-campus counterparts, students are increasingly opting to benefit from the flexible schedules and lower tuition fees that these courses typically offer. The result is a net reduction in the overall higher education carbon footprint, with students no longer required to travel across the globe to access world-class education, or commute to and from class. With courses offered 100% online, this cutting-edge sector of higher education is also leading the way in terms of paperless programmes.''

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