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InterActive launches MBA scholarship for budding eco-entrepreneurs

11:43 | Apr 2016

As part of our Earth Day 2016 initiative to promote sustainability in business education, InterActive recently launched a fully-funded MBA scholarship - the InterActive Eco-entrepreneur Scholarship.

The scholarship will offer the applicant with the most innovative and eco-friendly business plan the chance to pursue an online MBA programme with a specialisation of their choosing.

Announcing the scholarship last week, our Director of Academic Affairs Jeremy Bradley, said: "We are proud to take this opportunity, on Earth Day 2016, to do our part to promote sustainability in education.

"With this award, we are looking to provide a platform to budding eco-entrepreneurs that will have a positive impact on their local community, and on the wider global environment."

Successful applicants will earn a fully funded scholarship for InterActive's Global MBA programme, and an opportunity to graduate with a postgraduate degree awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, delivered online by InterActive.

"The key to discovering a sustainable future ultimately rests upon innovation, the development of greener technologies, and the adoption of smarter, linked-up practices and services which reduce our global environmental impact. And that is exactly what we hope to encourage with this initiative," added Mr Bradley.

The 2016 Eco-entrepreneur Scholarship is sponsored by Peter Jansen, InterActive’s programme leader for marketing and sustainability programmes. Mr Jansen, said: ‘’It gives me great pleasure to sponsor our new Eco-entrepreneur award. This initiative will give environmentally minded students the opportunity to support their professional endeavours with a recognised postgraduate qualification.’’

Winners will be able to select a specialisation to suit the demands of their eco-friendly business plans, with options such as Innovation & Technology Management, Carbon Management, or Oil, Gas, and Energy Management.

InterActive's academic committee, headed by Mr Bradley, will review all applications and the final decision will be announced in June 2016.